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September 2006

Ultra-Bright Double Spotlight

by sbrothier
Most solar lights are meant to provide soft accent lighting, but these Double Solar Spotlights are true work lights. Two swiveling spotlights, each packed with 6 bright blue-white LEDs, are connected via a 15-foot cord to a high-gain solar panel. Direct them at a dark doorway – no more fumbling to find the lock. Use them to light the edge of your deck, a dark step, or the end of a dock. Mount the solar panel outside your shed and mount the lights inside – they may be the only illumination you need.

September 2005

Self Powered 3-led Flashlight + Emergency Blinker

by sbrothier (via)
This quality product is an essential item for every situation. It is a self powered LED light that produce long lasting bright light. Charge by using build-in hand cranking device. Will produce 40 minutes of light with 1 minute crank! Always looking for batteries? You won't need it with this device. You will need it to look for batteries for your other flashlight! If you have experience with flashlight that is out of power when you need it, either at home, office, or your car, you will appreciate the ownership of this self-powered flashlight. Get it for the entire family and your love ones! Dual Function: 3 LED light bulbs or 5 flashing LEDs for emergency situations.

KLEIN&MORE - cube lumineux Lux-us

by sbrothier
LUX-US est un cube de lumière, uné étagère de lumière ou bien un tabouret de lumière.Le cube déssiné par Max Kistner devient ce qu'on en fait. Un conteneur, un archive pour la collection de LP, un bac à fleurs. LUX-US nous laisse de l'espace pour la fantasie et la fonction.

Generate Light: Lux Lighted Cube

by sbrothier
A highly versatile, durable, illuminated cube with hollow interior, for use indoors or outdoors: a lighted planter, toy box, magazine holder, wine & beer cooler...Two sides of the cube are convex and two concave, allowing two or more cubes to be stacked and used as book or display cases. Putting the cube on a concave side creates a comfortable, lighted stool with storage area below

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