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Beethoven - Symphony no. 5 | - a lifestyle blogzine

by 4gianna’s classical no. 3: Beethoven - Symphony no. 5, op. 67 One of the most played symphonies in the world, the dramatic symphony no. 5 of Beethoven consists of four parts. Conducted by Herbert von Karajan, performed by Berliner Philharmoniker. This video is produced by Deustche Gramophon under the art supervision of Karajan himself. Just … enjoy.

Persona Industries Super Blog

by PersonaIndustries
The Persona Industries super radical lifestyle blog features everything that makes you, you. From Comedy to Fashion, from Technology to Art.


Feedmecoolshit - Design and creative web site

by johnnyhu
Updated daily with design, music, web sites, creative job postings and interviews with creative people in mind.

An Ethnography of Psytrance Culture

by alchemism
A 7 minute video documenting the psychedelic trance lifestyle and culture.


by rudydw
About digital lifestyle trends, mobile media and the continual merging of electronic devices. But also M for mososo, music, multilingual, multicultural and sometimes something about myself.

Wired News: My IPod, My Self

by Sheino
Profile of Markus Giesler, a researcher on technology, consumption and marketing.

Netimperative - Latest Business News & Research

by Sheino
Provides a range of information, research and event services for businesses, consumers, observers and commentators interested in the digital market, from the Internet, to mobile, wireless, digital TV and digital entertainment/music.

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