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April 2007

Macworld: Feature: The inbox makeover

by springnet & 5 others
The key to managing these important messages is to evaluate each one for the response it requires and then quickly convert that evaluation into action.

Micro Persuasion: How to Use Gmail as a Business Diary and More Tips

by springnet & 1 other
Knowledge workers attend lots of meetings. We also have tons of loose bits of information that need collecting during the day. It all needs to be processed. I use David Allen's GTD system and now buckle it into Gmail as my sole collection bucket.

December 2006

NPR : Mingle All the Way Through Holiday Parties

by springnet
And she has techniques for getting out of a mingle, including one she calls "the human sacrifice." That's where you escape a boring conversation by grabbing some other poor guest and throwing him into the conversation in your place.

Alpha Geek: Video Editing 101 - Lifehacker

by springnet
'Tis the season for sharing home movies--but don't try your friends' and relatives' patience waiting for something good to happen in the hours of tape you shot on vacation. You need to learn how to edit your video, to turn boring footage into compelling m

November 2006

Life 2.0: The little book of Flow - revised

by springnet & 1 other
The premise of this essay is that those exquisite but all too rare moments when we experience 'flow', when we are truly creative, happy and intuitively know exactly what is needed, are simply those instances when we glimpse our original and true nature. I

July 2006

Trigger List - 43FoldersWiki

by springnet
The following is an "Incompletion Triggers" list to assist you in evaluating your current commitments. This list has been taken from Getting Things Done.

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