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October 2005

FPN-ニュースコミュニティ- 仕事を効率よく進めるための9つのコツ

by asiamoth & 1 other
『 1.作業にかかる時間を見積もる 2.「締め切り」を設定する 3.正しい時間帯を選択する 4.自分へのアポを取る 5.完璧主義に陥らない 6.「すきま時間」を活用する 7.メールや書類などの処理は一度に済ませる 8.「考える時間」を定期的に取る 9.仕事は前倒しにして進め、「すぐやる」習慣を身につける 』

a million monkeys typing » D*I*Y Planner Hipster PDA Edition

by thauser & 10 others
I’m hereby pleased to announce the release of the much-requested D*I*Y Planner 2 Hipster PDA Edition, a series of 34 organisational and planning templates designed for printing onto index cards (a.k.a., the Hipster PDA).

Productivity - PigPog Creativity Wiki

by thauser & 2 others
GTD Introduction, Methods, The PigPog Method, Single Actions List, GTD without Doing GTD, PigPogPDA, Productivity Lessons from the Sims, Thinking Creatively, Other GTD Resources, Other GTD Wikis

September 2005

i d e a * i d e a - あなたの家電はスタンバイ?

by asiamoth

i d e a * i d e a - プレゼンハック ~プレゼン改善のための10個の小技~

by asiamoth & 1 other

Clubhouse Magazine

by jambe
Interesting Article by a former homeschooler


by asiamoth
読み応えのあるインタビュー。 はてなの伊藤直也氏とシックス・アパートの金子順氏。

Overview of Windows Outliners

by jambe & 2 others
This Guy keeps a list of Windows Outliners

August 2005

Noeud de cravate

by .rico & 18 others
Comment faire un noeud de cravate pour un mariage, un rendez-vous, un emploi, ...

July 2005


by Hydragon & 14 others
To-Done! is a regularly updated collection of thoughts, writings, tips, tricks and information on personal productivity, work/life balance and getting things done.

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