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20 June 2005

RDN - e-Prints UK project

by digitalmonkey
"ePrints-UK harvests metadata from approximately 30 institutional repositories on a daily basis. A demonstration of a simple search service based on the harvested metadata has been made available now".

About xISBN [OCLC - ResearchWorks]

by digitalmonkey
"xISBN supplies ISBNs associated with individual intellectual works represented in the OCLC WorldCat database. Give it an ISBN, and it returns a list of associated ISBNs".

19 June 2005

18 June 2005

OAIster Home

by digitalmonkey & 3 others
"OAIster is a project of the University of Michigan Digital Library Production Service. Our goal is to create a collection of freely available, previously difficult-to-access, academically-oriented digital resources that are easily searchable by anyone".

National Library of Australia Digital Object Repository

by digitalmonkey
"Sites currently harvesting digital collections metadata from the National Library of Australia using OAI include: * Google - All sets * University of Michigan OAIster - All sets * Research Libraries Group (RLG) Cultural Materials - ...

17 June 2005

11 June 2005

09 June 2005

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