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November 2006

Library 2.0 Theory

by qkor & 3 others
Web 2.0 and Its Implications for Libraries.

Library 2.0

by qkor & 1 other
September 1, 2006 - Library Journal

October 2006

May 2006

April 2006

Outgoing: MXG and OpenSearch

by jambe
What this amounts to is a prescribed way to dumb-down SRU, almost all the way to Open Search, but doing it in a way that is compatible with SRU.

Metadata for the Emerging Future: An Interview with Stuart Weibel | NetSquared

by marshallkirkpatrick
Stuart Weibel is a research scientist for OCLC and used to head the Dublin Core Initiative.

November 2005

Library Views 圖書館觀點 :: Library 2.0 :: November :: 2005

by vista
最近一個月以來,有越來越多人在談論 Library 2.0。如同 web 2.0 一樣,目前還沒有一個明確的定義。但基本的精神是:在圖書館中應用 web 2.0 的技術或服務。