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6 Sexy Tips For Christmas!

by outdoorcine
Write a sensual letter to “Santa” asking for the hottest sex toys and female lingerie (for her), and give it to your woman a night before Christmas.

Stimulate Her Sexual Center!

by outdoorcine
Let´s be honest: The key to seduction is to understand where feelings of lust, desire, and attraction originate in the woman’s brain.

Using Handcuffs for Wild Sex!

by outdoorcine
Losing control over what is going on can be a huge turn-on for some people. When they are handcuffed, their partner gets complete control over their pleasure, and this can lead to some amazing results.

Great Sex Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship

by outdoorcine, 1 comment
For those couples that want to feel like newlyweds again, young and old, here are some sex tips to spice up your marriage.

Foreplay – Steps to a Whole Day Affair…

by outdoorcine
Foreplay is not something to be rushed. In fact, the longer the suspense, the tighter the tension, the hotter the passion!


DHEA for Antiaging

by stephensmith
Live to 150? Increase libido? Have a sleek, sexy body no matter your age? DHEA may be able to do all these things and more. This is the most comprehensive informational site on this "fountain of youth in a pill."

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