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11 November 2008 20:30

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Avalon Media made the commitment to take Lesbians on the Loose Magazine to the next level. Already a succesful and powerful publication, the need to adapt to the changing demands of the comunity was obvious. Over the next 8 years Avalon Media developed additional products and improved the existing publication:

DIVA Magazine Lesbian Bisexual Lifestyle

by sbrothier
While Sarah Palin makes us fear for the future of women in US politics, DIVA finds there are a surprising number of lesbian hopefuls working away in the background. Words JOANNA WALTERS

07 November 2008 17:30

07 November 2008 17:15

BOX: Les Petites Morts »

by sbrothier
Many, many years ago, the 5 of us lamented the death of the smut rag. We had grown up under the legandary mantle of Playboy and its innocence, Penthouse and its penetrative expostions, and (for the lucky ones among us with cool older brothers or pervy dads), the no-holes barred Jugs and Hustler. But then the Internet came along, and suddenly all the Vaseline™ on the lens couldn’t justify paying for porn when there was so much of it for free. And yet, we remained unsatisfied. Sure, there was sometimes amazing porn to be found online, but it lacked the polish, the sheen. Plus, all joking aside, we missed the prose aspect of the smut magazine. As they say, the brain IS the largest sex organ (except on Chris, because DAMN. We’ve seen him in the shower.)

07 November 2008 17:00

Box Magazine

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BOX is the convergence of sex, fashion, and culture. Its mission is to challenge the schizophrenic nature of the current sexual climate by selecting models, photographers and themes that redefine the current standard of beauty and sexuality. Box exposes readers to features that appeal to a variety of sexual tastes. The magazine approaches the adult market with a luxury outlook. Imaginative and complex photography, conscious design and clever editorial features set Box apart from contemporary pornography. Box presents sex in its natural state, seamlessly integrated into our culture and daily lives without judgment or shame. For more information contact or call (510) 893 2263.

07 November 2008 16:30

Home - Pink Paper

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Pink Paper is Britain’s only national lesbian, gay and bisexual newspaper and the biggest circulating gay publication of any kind in the country. But it’s unique in many more ways than that. While it’s one of the oldest queer titles, founded in 1987, it now has one of the country’s most modern gay websites and we were the first title in the market to put citizen journalists at the forefront of what we do, through our innovative site.

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