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LEGO 3D Printer

by sbrothier
The LEGO 3D Printer allows you to transform your LEGO Digital Designer creations into real life models. The printer is Arduino controlled and can build any model within a 20x20 grid.


LEGO mindstorms EV3 programmable robots controlled by smartphone

by sbrothier
unveiled at the 2013 CES in las vegas, LEGO has introduced its third generation of 'mindstorm' programmable robotics platform, marking the first time that users can program directly onto the 'EV3 intelligent brick'. previously, users could only program the robots from a computer, running the application through the robot. powered by an by an ARM processor with a linux operating system, the 'brick' integrates 16 MB of embedded flash memory, 64MB of RAM, and an SD expansion slot. using USB 2.0, wi-fi and bluetooth and four additional ports, the EV3 system becomes compatible with iOS and android, letting users control their creations through smartphones or tablets.




Lego robot plays Super Mario Bros…and wins - Joystiq -

by YukuanMark (via)
I Love those Lego robot kits, and I love them even more when they can Play a video game and WIN. NEXT STOP!!! MY COLLAGE ESSAYS!!!

JP Brown's Serious LEGO

by albertouine (via)
robot lego pro embarquée

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