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November 2006

The Art of Rent by David Harvey, SR 2002 | Socialist Register

by jlesage
"a widespread belief that there is something special about certain cultural products and events (be they in the arts, theatre, music, cinema, architecture or more broadly in localized ways of life, heritage, collective memories and affective communities).

Continental Drift a seminar with Brian Holmes

by jlesage
"articulating the immense geopolitical and economic shifts which took place between 1989-2001, the effects of those changes on bodies of governance and in turn the effects on subjectivity today"; links to political and social readings

October 2006

Mute magazine-"Time, Labour & Social Domination"

by jlesage
long review by Moishe Postone; in-depth analysis of contemporary theories of non-material labor in information field

The Propaganda Remix Project

by jlesage & 2 others
old WW2 posters with contemporary messages; very well thought out designwise; print out for your office door

Professor Stephen Graham - Writing & Publication

by jlesage
left urban geographer, with many online writings, often with an international focus


by jlesage
manufacturing processes, labor conditions, and environmental issues involved in the production of contemporary goods

influence of Henri Lefevre

by jlesage
Stuart Elden traces influence of Lefevre's concept of space on contemporary theorists like Castells

The Google YouTube Tango

by jlesage
essay about the political consequences of marketing based on Internet-use data

About radical reference | Radical Reference

by jlesage
a service provided by volunteer library workers from all over the United States to assist demonstrators and activists

re-public: re.imagining democracy

by jlesage
e-journal: "process of re-imagining democracy, broadly conceived as referring to the multitude of practices that shape everyday life"; in-depth left essays from an international perspective

Sam Brody: American Filmmaker and Photographer

by jlesage
co-founder of 1930's Film and Photo League, a memorial web site gathering his writings

September 2006

Think Progress

by jlesage & 6 others
left news and reports, well written, has newsletter to send via email daily

The Unlearned Lesson of Katrina

by jasontromm (via)
The disaster in New Orleans was caused, not by too little welfare spending, but by too much. Four decades of dependence on government left people without the resources -- economic, intellectual, or moral -- to plan ahead and provide for themselves in an emergency

Mountain Dew WebSpace (Marxist Theory / Film Theory)

by jlesage
Eccentric links site that points to film theory material not found elsewhere, but also has page for "nude pictures." This link is to film theory part.

August 2006

A Matter of Appearances

by jasontromm (via)
When Judge Anna Diggs Taylor was given the job of deciding whether the Bush administration’s wiretapping program was unconstitutional, she certainly understood that she would be ruling on one of the most politically charged cases in recent history. So it would have been prudent for her to disclose any activity that might conceivably raise questions about her ability to be impartial. Regrettably, it was left to a conservative group, Judicial Watch, to point out her role as a trustee to a foundation that had given grants to a branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, a plaintiff in the case.

Autonomy & Solidarity | Autonomy & Solidarity Network

by jlesage
left journal: change comes from self organization of workers and oppressed groups

Mute magazine - Culture and politics after the net

by jlesage
interesting left theory online journal--"exploring culture and politics after the net"

Main Page - MarxWiki

by jlesage
developed by a class taught by Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Brasscheck TV (not related to, except in spirit)

by jlesage
brilliant compilation of mostly YouTube clips of media about political issues that is censored or just not shown in the US; sign up for email notices about new postings

left media resources

by jlesage
left links to alternate analysis of current and historical events