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James Clar & Associates - Lighting Design

by kruty
Playing with form and function, these are prototypes created over the years that each take an idea of visual communication (light) and put it into controlled structure/form. Ranging from art-theory to product-ready, the technologies and ideas developed here can be integrated for use in Space Design. Equally, the technologies created for retail environments can be scaled down as a Product.

LedLightRay : LED Faucet - Nice Look for Your Kitchen

by koibito
LED Faucet: The illuminated stream of water flows into the basin and lights it and the work area in a very effective manner.

LedLightRay : Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound”

by koibito
Entire Coldplay’s video shoot was done with LED lights from a total of 700 Versa TUBEs...

LedLightRay : Desktop Led Lamp: Hollywood Moon Spot

by koibito
exceptional, impressive objet d’art, a lamp of first-class quality that may well be called a light sculpture...

LedLightRay : TwistTogether Lamp

by koibito
Modular televsion-like lamps, from Brooklyn-based design studio Glide, cast an appealing mood light.

LedLightRay : Industrial Design Led Lamp

by koibito
Designed to project an image of solidity and robustness

LedLightRay : The LED Lighted Ice Bucket

by koibito
The sturdy bucket keeps ice well insulated to maintain the chill on champagne or chardonnay for two hours, and aluminum handles make it easy to transport.


by koibito
Led Light in Contemporary Art and Design


Living Wall | Ambient installation with self-organized sonic memory

by jeeves
Living Wall is an ambient installation collecting, recomposing and playing sonic memories.

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