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January 2007

December 2006

Academic Uses of Wikis

by sniggy
list of examples on academic uses

Art, Design, and Visual Thinking

by jlesage & 3 others
a basic design text for art students, complete text and exercises onlin

November 2006

activelearning strategies

by jlesage
a philosophy of education that relies on simulations, role plays, real world activities; practical tips and bibliography

Geography courses with websites Valparaiso University

by jlesage
Geography courses, both present and past, with exercises, links, bibliography. Also see Urban Studies and American Indian Studies. Understanding place as cultural should inform both fiction and non-fiction film.

ArtLex Art Dictionary

by jlesage & 3 others
search, arranged in alphabetical order, large number of terms

Connectivism Blog

by jlesage & 1 other
a new theory of education and learning, for a digital Internet culture

Postmodern Thought

by jlesage & 1 other
contemporary theory, critical theory, cultural theorists

Overview Map "digital enlightenment: research"

by jlesage
a visual map, with links, of how to use metasites for knowledge acquisition, research, and reading online; author has other such maps on his site; useful for students as mode of presenting info and for info itself.

Teaching resources links

by jlesage
a wide variety of intriguing paths to follow, listed alphabetically; a interesting way to set up a links page, although I prefer annotations

walking as knowing as making

by jlesage
a concept of walking = knowledge building sensorially; bibliography of readings linked to here

October 2006

Martin Ryder

by jlesage
extensive links in and coverage of topics around the sociology of knowledge

Internet Public Library:

by jlesage & 1 other
links listed in "subject areas" selected at left of screen

Department of Anthropology

by jlesage
The University of Alabama's Anthropology Department has links to course materials, lectures, resources developed by students, and outside links. A model for Internet academic resources institutionally.

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