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14 October 2007 23:00

Earth and

by knann (via)
Great instructional game that teaches and quizzes students on the planets, moon, earth's rotation, and orbit. Students must earn points to play a game. Good independent activity.

14 October 2007 11:00

Space Sense for Kids

by knann
Every question you answer correctly will boost your rocket a little further toward its destination--leaving the Earth's atmosphere. Click the button that you think holds the correct answer, or click a 'Life Line' button for helpful clues. 'Open a Link' will take you to a web page that has information about the question, and 'What have others answered?' will show you the percentage of people that have previously chosen each answer.

Eight Planets and a Dwarf Soduko

by knann
Fill in all the empty cells by dragging and dropping the planets Every row,column,and 3x3 box with orange borders should contain all nine planets. No planet should appear more than once in a row, column, or box.

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