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Page Layout |

by simon_bricolo
Page Layout allows to define a page layout using widgets.


by piouPiouM & 1 other
Générateur de layout basé sur le framework Blueprint.


Methodologie Web Canvas |

by simon_bricolo
Stats de résolution d'écran orienté navigateur web

Plumb |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
This is Plumb, a tool for composing web layouts for use with the Blueprint CSS framework.


20 Popular CSS Online Tools and Generators

by oqdbpo & 1 other
Well, a new list of popular CSS online tools and generators is launched today. All these tools are selected due to the design and popularity. And there are some tools are out of the list as the poor site design or similarity. The list is separated with “CSS Formatter and Optimizer”, “CSS Layout and Menu Generator” and “Miscellaneous Tools”. Say your words via comment and let me know your thoughts.


Yahoo! UI Library: Grids CSS |

by simon_bricolo & 15 others
départ pour construire un fichier css correct

___layouts: simple layout builder

by Hieroglyphe & 2 others
___layouts is not only inspired by YUI grids I've also used — probably more than just used their documentation as guide — seeing as it's so damn good! First off I want to give full credit to YUI grids for coming up with a brilliant idea and please don't sue me if I'm infringing on any copyright laws. The reason ___layouts was created; I felt YUI grids was a little too difficult to implement, especially when implementing pixel perfect width layouts. Which as contractor is a lot of what I need to end up doing unfortunately. I'm not saying ___layouts is better than YUI grids, it's probably not even AS good. It is definately not as tested. I just think it is an easier system for developers to over-write and invite developers to help break it in any browser and version they can so it can become better; eventually allowing humanity to rid the earth of itself. :)

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