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March 2007

secret of law of attraction

by stevebishop
The secret of the law of attraction or law of vibration is to take your attention from ‘what is’ to what it is you really want. Intend what it is you want to happen in your life, take your attention from ‘what is’ and commit your attention to your intention. You don’t need to figure out how to get it at this point, that is the job of the universe, your job is to just think about what it is you want, start matching your vibration to your desires.

Secret Of Law Of Attraction

by stevebishop
After ‘proving’ you can do anything you want to do in life by jumping out of aero planes, bungee jumping from 300ft, performing stand-up comedy for a year and having a tarantula spider walk across my hands, I still found I couldn’t ‘get it together’ or ‘fit all the many pieces together’ in my own private life and get what I really wanted.

November 2005


by marcyfrommaui
Internet community for people who believe in the " Law of Attraction"

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