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Cat's Eye Technologies: The Sartre Programming Language

by night.kame

Life Is Meaningless ;

A special command which, due to the resignation of the programmer, is permitted to perform a wide variety of tasks, among them, alter the direction of program flow, execute a random function, terminate the program, or positionally invert the bits in the data region. Since the programmer doesn't care anyway, this doesn't really matter. In the (tee-hee) ordinary version of Sartre, this operation is defined at compile-time, and is constant at that statement for each incidence of execution. The Dada extensions, however, redefine meaninglessness (since everything under Dada is meaningless to begin with) to be determined at run- time. Further, it may also logically negate each bit in the dataspace under Dada.

En ces temps de fĂȘte de Simone de Beauvoir, rappelons la joie de vivre de Sartre.

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