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14 January 2009

Gaza Sderot: Life in spite of everything -

by srcmax
The project is a fantastic way to help build empathy for each others story.

10 January 2009

Discovery News: Etherized: PRI's The World: Technology Podcast 226

by srcmax (via)
And then we quite rightly focus on an web-based video blogging effort called GAZA\SDEROT: Life in Spite of Everything that had been trying, and vows to continue to try, to bring Palestinians and Israelis together with beautifully shot two minute films.

Journey to Fletcher: Going gaga over Gaza

by srcmax (via)
I've come upon an excellent site where you get a real picture of the situation. It's a web documentary on the lives of people on both sides.

08 January 2009

Tel Aviv Rooftop: Gaza-Sderot-Yaffo

by srcmax (via)
If you're interested in getting to know the people of Sderot and of Gaza, I can recommend the Arte project of short films 'Gaza/Sderot - Life in spite of everything' . Many of the people you will see in it (on both sides) have now been forced to leave their homes

07 January 2009

06 January 2009

Twitter / Calea Kevlin: beautiful pieces for peace ...

by srcmax (via)
beautiful pieces for peace http://gaza-s

Twitter / mickwinter: Gaza-Sderot - A tale of tw ...

by srcmax (via)
Gaza-Sderot - A tale of two cities. 40 days of 4 minute video snapshots of life and people 3 km apart - h ttp://

Twitter / William Allen: Very interesting mashup. G ...

by srcmax (via)
Very interesting mashup. Gaza and Sderot. Maps, images, videos daily. http://

/home/nand » Gaza-Sderot

by srcmax (via)
As we are getting regular news on the war on the Gaza strip, we may often lack background information. I’d like to share a very good set of small videos on the daily life of 6 peoples in Gaza and Sderot (in Israel, close to the border of the Gaza strip) despite the war situation. It happens to have been broadcast during one month just before the war made the headlines. It is called “Gaza-Sderot”, and it is available here.

Brain Off » Gaza OpenStreetMap :: Mikel Maron :: Building Digital Technology for Our Planet

by srcmax
In this website there are some pin points in a Gaza City map.

05 January 2009

Twitter / Josh Puckett: thinks you should check th ...

by srcmax (via)
thinks you should check this out: Very, very interesting, and moving.

Global Voices Online » Gaza and Sderot: “The day after the war we need a new beginning”

by srcmax (via)
Recently the French-German cultural television station ARTE undertook a project called Gaza Sderot in which short videos were shot by Israeli and Palestinian teams on a daily basis for two months, following six people from Gaza and six from Sderot. You can see the results here.

anotherworldispossible: Occupation 101

by srcmax (via)
Another interesting documentation (a serial) on ARTE.TV where both sides get their voice heard: Gaza and Sderot

Gaza Sderot: Life is spite of everything « Inspiring Things

by srcmax (via)
Check out this beautifully made, art and spirit wise site:

03 January 2009

The average person speaks | Antony Loewenstein

by srcmax
A recently released documentary, before Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, on life in Sderot and Gaza:

30 December 2008

More On The Middle East | Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day...

by srcmax (via)
Arte TV has two video portraits — one of a Palestinian living in Gaza and the other of an Israeli living in a town in danger of rocket attacks. It’s all subtitled in English, and it puts a human portrait on what their lives are like. It was made ten days before the truce’s end this week.

Twitter / Laura Fitton: see? still learning so muc ...

by srcmax (via)
see? still learning so much from you

WOMEN'S LENS - Un coup d'oeil de femme: Gaza/Sderot

by srcmax (via)
With all the information being thrown at us, I thought i'd share some insight I've been getting from this blog For the whole year. also, there's a program chronicling the lives of the people on both sides that finished just before the latest escalation of violence:

24 December 2008

Global Voices Online » Gaza/Sderot: Israel and Palestine together on video

by srcmax (via)
The Gaza/Sderot: Life in Spite of Everything Project is one of the prime examples of the variety of ways a bridge between different cultures and world-views can be created through online media. In this project created by, a French-German cultural television station, twelve people going on their day to day business on either side of a violent border were exposed on a website for ten week project which ended on December 23rd.

22 December 2008

Sideshow Beastie | Friends Forever

by srcmax (via)
Death and Art have been friends for a long time. They reminice about their years as students, time spent smoking Gauloises, arguing about Kierkegaard and making bathtub absinthe. Now Death and Art are old men who fish on cold lakes, quietly enjoying each other’s company in the misty half-light of morning.

18 December 2008

make it known: Worldly Reading/Watching

by srcmax (via)
My research led me to 'Gaza Sderot - Life In Spite of Everything', a web-documentary by a French company. It follows the lives of men, women and children in two cities on the Israeli Palestinian border. Every day since October 26, 2008, two 2minuted videos are uploaded, one from each side. They are viewed side by side, giving a truly real look at the daily lives of these people. Despite the many dangers (air bombings and rocket attacks, power cuts and lack of food or medicine) the people never stop working, loving, and dreaming. It's been really amazing to get to know the people and follow their lives, and contrast them with how good we have it here in Canada. It's all very inspiring, and makes me want to do something.

17 December 2008

Twitter / Mark Glaser: Wow, eye-opening story abo ...

by srcmax
Wow, eye-opening story about "Gaza/Sderot" web video series that shows life on both sides of electric fence:

Twitter / PBS MediaShift: Innovative Web Video Serie ...

by srcmax
Innovative Web Video Series Shows Real Life in Gaza, Israel: One sense of fear, two armies, and three rows of el..

MediaShift . Innovative Web Video Series Shows Real Life in Gaza, Israel | PBS

by srcmax (via)
One sense of fear, two armies, and three rows of electrical fences separate Israel and the Gaza Strip. For the past 10 years, it has been difficult for residents of these two places to ever imagine meeting one another in person. Now, thanks to a new documentary project produced by French/German television station Arte TV and a handful of Israeli and Palestinian production teams, residents of the besieged Israeli city of Sderot and the besieged Gaza Strip are able to see something they haven't seen in a decade: each other.

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