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November 2008

Flickr : Lessons Learned while Building an iPhone Site

by nhoizey
There seems to be a new set of frontend rules for developing high-end mobile sites. A lot of the current best practices get thrown out the window in the quest for minimum page weight and fastest load times over slow cellular connections.

Israel-Palestine: Life on the border | Center for Investigative Reporting

by srcmax
An extraordinary series of short videos were launched onto the web last week revealing, side by side, glimpses into the life of Israelis and Palestinians living within twenty miles of one another. The series, Gaza: Sderot: Life In Spite of Everything features new films daily from the Palestinian territory of Gaza and the Israeli town of Sderot, just over the border. Each two-minute film in the series (in Hebrew and Arabic, with English subtitles) features profiles of residents who, despite being the target of bombings and rocket attacks, "never stop working, loving and dreaming," in the words of the filmmakers. Blog » Blog Archive » Gaza/Sderot: Life in Spite of Everything

by srcmax is currently producing a fascinating web documentary Gaza/Sderot: Life in Spite of Everything. Every day during its running time, two short (a couple minutes each) videos are added to the site - one shot in the Palestinian city of Gaza, the other in the neighboring Israeli town of Sderot, just across the border. The videos are presented in an innovative format, side by side, separated by the “/” representing the border between the two cities. Context is key here: to watch one video without the other would be to miss the bigger picture.

October 2008 internetissä. Don Edkins 27.10.08 |

by srcmax & 1 other
Today the first documentary commissioned for the internet by Arte France starts its broadcast. GAZA SDEROT – Life in spite of everything is an experimental 60 day interactive project designed the interactive production company and produced in Paris by a French documentary production company Bo Travail!, together with Arte France and its web team.

MYBLOG by Ouriel: Gaza/Sderot: A stunning web documentary one tough reality

by srcmax (via)
This summer i met the team behind Gaza/Sderot a gorgeous documentary packaged in a gorgeous web site made for the web only and distributed on the web only. This web document (i hesitate using the expression work of art) is produced the French/Geman TV channel Arte and is about showcasing everyday a 2min video on the parallel reality lived by Gaza and Sderot Citizens.

September 2008


by sbrothier
Japan is the second biggest producer of single malt whisky in the world. It has been taking top prizes in international tastings since 2001. At the 2008 World Whisky Awards, Japan underlined its arrival on the world scene by scooping both of the top prizes - the best single malt whisky in the world and the best blended whisky in the world.

Brooklyn Museum: Community

by sbrothier
The Brooklyn Museum believes in community and in the importance of the visitor experience. In this area you'll find a number of ways to connect with us: blogs, photo and video submissions, podcasts, and more. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Cocktail Chronicles

by sbrothier (via)
The word “cocktail” and the idea of a “mission statement” should never appear in the same train of thought, but here we are – the “about” page. Well, if you must know— The Cocktail Chronicles is an ongoing exploration of fine spirits, creative cocktails and classic mixology. This web log was created in May 2005 in an effort to document the drinks I’m experimenting with at any particular time, along with thoughts on cocktail ingredients, brands and types of spirits and the overall culture of drinking (I also discovered that it’s a handy way to keep track of all those cocktail recipes I was always losing on little slips of paper or in the little notebooks that clutter up my desk). Since its inception, The Cocktail Chronicles has explored more than 100 different drinks; covered the home-brew of obscure cocktail ingredients such as pimento dram and falernum; been the founding site and ongoing moderation source for the regular virtual cocktail party known as Mixology Monday; attracted—oh, hell, lots of readers (and pissed off a few, too); and presented only slightly inebriated daily updates from Tales of the Cocktail, the nation’s foremost cocktail event.

The Bar Mix Master Has Spoken...

by sbrothier
This space is devoted to the art of cocktails, cocktail education, and the rebirth of classic cocktails.

Google Maps Mania: The 20 Best French Google Maps Mash-Ups

by srcmax & 2 others (via)
Today we have a guest post by Renaud Euvrard, who has been the French contributor to Google Maps Mania since 2006. His blog,, is one of the most important French blogs about the geoweb, "geo"mashups and neogeography.

July 2008

June 2008

May 2008

Netvibes to Share Items With ReadBurner - ReadWriteWeb

by srcmax (via)
The new partnership will allow ReadBurner to analyze and aggregate the activity streams of Netvibes users to incorporate their shared items into ReadBurner. To get started, Netvibes users can head to ReadBurner's "Add A Feed" page and insert their Netvibes username.

On Death and Dying (Puppies and Flowers)

by srcmax
Have you ever wondered what happens after you die? Thanatorama is a French flash documentary that explains the process. You may select English subtitles. Click on the upper left to navigate the chapters.

March 2008

Official Google Blog: Google Calendar Sync

by srcmax (via)
This was my life for a whole year before we started working on Google Calendar Sync, a 2-way synching application between Google Calendar and the calendar in Microsoft Outlook. I was probably the most excited person on the team when we started developing it, because now I can access my calendar at home or on my laptop, on Google Calendar or in Outlook.

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