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Ten Questions for Alexandre Brachet, Margaux Missika and Gregory Trowbridge of Upian | POV Blog | PBS

by srcmax
Established in 1998, Upian is a design studio and interactive production company known for its award winning projects including Alma: A Tale of Violence, Prison Valley, and Generation Quoi? For this interview three of Upian’s producers — Alexandre Brachet, Margaux Missika and Gregory Trowbridge — take us behind the screens as they describe their process and the development of their projects.


BBC News - Don't like how a documentary ends? Change it

by srcmax & 1 other
Adventure game books - where readers could make decisions about what happened to the characters - formed a big part of childhood for many adults. Now it seems this is taking a technological leap forward.


Current: Public Media: "Prison Valley" documentary starts on innovative website

by srcmax

A unique nonfiction film that its producers call "a road movie on the web" is getting attention within the indie production world, according to the Independent, a news site for media makers. Viewers interested in "Prison Valley" sign into Twitter, Facebook, or create an account on the film’s site.

"Prison Valley" web doc by David Dufresne and Philippe Brault finds distribution, 07/10 | The Independent

by srcmax

In the end, Prison Valley was able to secure a mainstream form of distribution not in spite of but because of its pioneering usage of the web as an arena for marketing and community-building. Combine that with impeccable journalism and a beautifully-shot film, and you’ve got a multimedia model that offers filmmakers new insights into telling a story in many different mediums at once.

Let Me Shoot You: Prison Valley

by srcmax

So after searching the net for brain food, I came across a web documentary incorperating stills, multimedia, video, audio, etc. in the most comprehensive way I have ever seen.

The best journalism you’ll see today: “Prison Valley” :: 10,000 Words :: where journalism and technology meet

by srcmax & 1 other

10,000 Words rarely features individual projects (the tradition has been to show several projects incorporating a specific technology), but Prison Valley is such a unique and fascinating piece of digital journalism that it merits its own post.


The journey of mine: Gaza-Sderot (the tales of two cities)

by srcmax (via)
The website of the videos..... the feelings and the lives of the people living in Israel....and Palestine » Blog Archive » Gaza Sderot

by srcmax (via)
It’s day two at the Input conference in Warsaw and I wanted to share the best project I’ve seen so far. Gaza/Sderot - Life in Spite of Everything is a series of 80 films shot over 40 days — one per day in Gaza and one per day in the town of nearby Sderot. Each is a day-in-the-life style video that follows one of 14 people (seven in each town).

Bignothing experiment | Design anywhere and digital culture magazine | Netdiver

by srcmax (via)
It’s been a while since a flash experimental website surfaced. Have a look at the Bignothing. Send a message, receive one. Watch the wildly colorful animated bacgrounds.

Gaza-Sderot Life in Spite Everything | No Camels

by srcmax (via)
The article is about a project which reports on life as experienced by men, women and children in Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel) through stories which are being aired on the Internet. Arik Bernstein the Co- Producer of the project tells us about the idea behind this project and its feedback around the world. Recently Gaza-Sderot was nominated for an International Digital Emmy Award in the non-fiction category.

French producer living good 'Life' - Entertainment News, Film News, Media - Variety

by srcmax & 2 others
An unusual and original approach to documentary filmmaking is paying off for Gaul's Alexandre Brachet.

MIPTV 2009 International Digital Emmy® Awards - RM-Mip

by srcmax & 3 others

Three International Digital Emmy® Awards and the Pioneer Prize will be presented at a Gala Ceremony, on Monday, March 30.

Through these awards, the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is celebrating a significantly growing sector of the television industry and recognize excellence in content created and designed for viewer interaction and/or delivery on a digital platform.

The Pioneer Prize, is not an Emmy® but rather a special initiative from the Academy which honours an industry personality or organisation. Niklas Savander, Member of the Nokia Group Executive Board and EVP, Nokia Services will accept on behalf of the company this prize for its innovative contributions to the field of digital television and video broadcasting on a mobile device.

"We are delighted to accept this prestigious award. As consumers’ digital consumption habits are increasingly going mobile, Nokia and the mobility industry at large is excited by the business opportunity it presents for us together with our content partners." Niklas Savander, Member of the Nokia Group Executive Board and EVP, Nokia Services.

MA Photography Blog (international photojournalism, documentary and travel photography

by srcmax (via)
Excellent example of simple but strong use of streaming media on the internet ...more

Gaza, Sderot, Live. | Wistful Negligence

by srcmax (via)
Two minute videos from everyday for two months. Two minutes from Gaza. Two minutes from Sderot. No politics to dilute the utterly human, very connectable message(s). A keeper. The two months are over generating a total of 160 minutes.


by srcmax (via)
The French-German cultural channel Arte, has produced an excellent television series which shows the human side of the conflict. Well worth viewing.

Tilzy.TV » Blog Archive » Banality in Conflict

by srcmax (via)
This is an interesting and moving application of interactive storytelling that will hopefully help break down the barrier separting peaceful, ordinary people

Say goodbye nicely to peace | Lisa Goldman

by srcmax (via)
On page 30, Elinor Davidov writes about a 40-episode television documentary called Gaza-Sderot, Life in Spite of Everything. Each episode features an interview with an ordinary person on either side of the border, describing daily life. The result is a fascinating combination of drama and banality that makes each episode worth watching. It was co-produced by a staff from Sderot’s Sapir College, Gaza’s Ramattan Studios and the German-French (photos and bio blurbs are here).

Gaza Sderot: Life in spite of everything -

by srcmax
The project is a fantastic way to help build empathy for each others story.

Discovery News: Etherized: PRI's The World: Technology Podcast 226

by srcmax (via)
And then we quite rightly focus on an web-based video blogging effort called GAZA\SDEROT: Life in Spite of Everything that had been trying, and vows to continue to try, to bring Palestinians and Israelis together with beautifully shot two minute films.

Journey to Fletcher: Going gaga over Gaza

by srcmax (via)
I've come upon an excellent site where you get a real picture of the situation. It's a web documentary on the lives of people on both sides.

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