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OpenSourceCMS - Home

by fredbird & 69 others
comparaison des CMS open source (PHP+MySQL)

Extending WordPress for better site publishing | urlgreyhot

by .rico & 1 other
Necessary plugins These are the plugins I had to use to make these sites work. * Page Tools -- for retrieving the highest ancestor (parent). This was useful for establishing what section is being viewed and then inserting that section name in the body tag as a CSS ID. * The Excerpt Reloaded -- perfect for customizing the appearance of excerpts. * wp-cache -- not that this site needs it, but excellent for taking the load off your server and saving you in case you get slashdotted for some reason.

Push Vs. Pull - The Battle for the Best CMS [Server Side Essentials]

by nhoizey
A content management system (CMS) provides the necessary infrastructure for multiple parties to effectively contribute content and collaborate throughout the information lifecycle. | Community plumbing

by fredbird & 65 others
a CMS software that is open-source, tableless xhtml+css, uses nices urls, seems to be rich with a large community.

Welcome to

by fredbird
a content management system for the enterprise

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