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Metropolis Gazette

by casper
Gazette from Photographers and Journalists around the world



Oksana Baiul - 1993 Skate America SP - Swan Lake

by tinyirishdancer
Her "Swan Lake" -SP from 1993 Skate America. She came in 1st.

Michelle Kwan 1998 Nationals LP

by tinyirishdancer
Michelle’s legendary performance at 1998 Nationals, when she skated with a foot injury and set a record for 6.0s. This one is for the ages. You rock, Michelle!

1991 Skate America Tonya Harding SP

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Tonya's short program from Skate America 1991. She landed a triple Axel in both rounds of competition and won the event.

Sarah Hughes - Salt Lake Olympics LP

by tinyirishdancer
sarah hughes' gold medal winning performance at the 2002 olympics. sandra bezic has an orgasm.

Michelle Kwan's short program

by tinyirishdancer
Michelle Kwan performing her 05/06 short program Totentanz at the Marshall's December Challenge.

Chika Suguri explains jumps on Japanese TV

by tinyirishdancer
Figure skating Fumie Suguri’s younger sister Chika Suguri explains jumps on Japanese TV

Oksana Baiul 2005 World Team Challenge - My Preogative

by tinyirishdancer
Her program starts out to a string number and then goes into "My Preogative" by Britney Spears.

Katarina Witt 1994 Olympics Long Program

by tinyirishdancer
Katarina’s Olympic long program to “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” in 1994. She placed 7th.

1991 World Championships Tonya Harding

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Tonya Harding compete at the 1991 World Championships. She finished 2nd.

Shizuka Arakawa 2003 Worlds Long Program

by tinyirishdancer
Shizuka's long program at the 2003 World Championships. She finished 8th.

Midori Ito 1991 Trophy Lalique practice - 3-3 combo!

by tinyirishdancer
Midori's triple axel, triple toe combination in practice. amazing!

Oksana Baiul 1995 Legends EX

by tinyirishdancer
an exhibition program by Oksana Baiul

Carol Heiss - 1957 US Nationals

by tinyirishdancer
Her program from 1957 Nationals. She won the event.

Sasha Cohen - 2001 Champions on Ice

by tinyirishdancer
Sasha Cohen’s 2001 exhibition program for Champions on Ice, the oft-remembered ribbon program to “Aria.” Her hair is so short in this! Beautiful as usual, but I prefer her without the ribbon.

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