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Metropolis Gazette

by casper
Gazette from Photographers and Journalists around the world



Oksana Baiul 1993 European Championships SP

by tinyirishdancer
Oksana's sensational debut to the European Chapmpiohships. After missing the combination jump, her shoelace came undone. She was allowed to re-skate the program and nailed everything. What a girl!

1993 European Championships Oksana Baiul

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Oksana perform at the 1993 European Championships.

1980 World Championships Elaine Zayak

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Elaine perform at the 1980 World Championships. She finished 11th.

1994 Nationals Elaine Zayak SP

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Elaine Zayak's short program at the 1994 US Nationals.

Michelle Kwan - 1998 Olympics LP - Lyra Angelica

by tinyirishdancer
Her "Lyra Angelica" -LP from 1998 Olympics. She came in 2nd.

Sonja Henie - In Thin Ice Movie - 1937

by tinyirishdancer
Sonja Henie skating in the movie 'Thin Ice' 1937

1992 Nation's Cup Oksana Baiul

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Oksana perform at the 1992 Nation's Cup.

1994 Olympic Games The Infamous 5-4 Split

by tinyirishdancer
Watch this piece that explains why Oksana beat Nancy Kerrigan. Quite flawed actually as each one of the judges' marks was important, not just Jan Hoffman's.

Katarina Witt - 1988 Olympics - Long Program

by tinyirishdancer
Katarina's long program at the 1988 Olympics to "Carmen" which won her a second Olympic gold medal.

2001 Nationals Michelle Kwan

by tinyirishdancer
Watch Michelle's gold medal winning performance to "Song of the Black Swan."

Oksana Baiul 1999 Ice Wars - Baby One More Time

by tinyirishdancer
Her program to "Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears.

Kwan Memorable Moments

by tinyirishdancer
Montage of Michelle Kwan over the past 10 yrs. Including clips from her 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 programs.

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