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February 2007

March 2006


by jasontromm
If all goes as expected at this Sunday’s Academy Awards, Brokeback Mountain will win in the “Best Picture,” “Best Director,” and perhaps even “Best Actor” categories. Even if it doesn’t do as well as expected, the film is already being hailed as a “breakout” event, a kind of cultural watershed of sorts—which it almost certainly is not.

January 2006

Bluescreen: 20060124:李連杰情仇 

by jackysee (via)
Quote 上 Quote: ...從《少林寺》以後,我每一部電影都要打著繃帶拍戲,每一部戲都要咬著牙去做,但是那個時候對商業來講,要保密,不能講出來,電影公司不講這件事,怕媒體知道,怕觀眾知道對我失去信心,廿多年,我一直就是這樣拍下來的。

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