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July 2007 : Watching Today! : English

by spaceufo : Watching Today!" is a good news polymerization fact, it is currently offering four national languages of real-time news, including the United States, South Korea, Japan and China, news from major advisory site, For example, the Chinese Google News, 163, 33 and so on. There are also some hot from the blog, and also provided a video hot, hot picture information, through it you can learn the basic of all current hot news.

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by plasticdreams
「17 名前:オレオレ!オレだよ、名無しだよ!![sage] 投稿日:2007/03/17(土) 15:06:18 0 早くやれ 韓国産キムチが識別できるようになるだけでなんら損害はない」

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