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geoxml3 - KML processor for the Google Maps JavaScript API V3 - Google Project Hosting

by srcmax
he geoxml3 project is an effort to develop a KML processor for use with Version 3 of the Google Maps JavaScript API. This API is specifically designed to be lightweight and modular; accordingly, it did not originally contain the built-in KML support of Version 2. This library was originally intended to fill that need; as KML support has been added natively in Version 3, it now allows access to individual markers, polylines and polygons, rendered from KML.


Calcul d'itinéraire (jogging, footing, course à pied, vélo...)

by philippej & 1 other

"... permet de calculer la distance totale, ainsi que le dénivelé, d'un parcours sportif effectué (jogging, footing, course à pied, vélo, roller...) en plaçant des points sur la carte."


Générer KML a partir d'un répertoire de photo

by _Nico
PhotoKML can be used to Generate KML files that show pictures on the Google Earth map.

Official Google Maps API Blog

by Zizwar
language kml

Apple - Downloads - Math

by nhoizey
A utility for uploading, downloading, and transcoding GPS data among GPS devices, GPX files, and KML files (for Google Earth). The resulting files can be used in a variety of applications available for the Macintosh, including TrackRunner, TrailRunner, and of course Google Earth.

GMapsPolyTool v1.3

by _Nico
Placer les points sur GG maps depuis une image puis exporter

Display KML on a Google Map -

by _Nico
View your KML directly on a google map

NUVI & Cie - Blog de Soupon » POI Edit

by _Nico
POI Edit - Converter GPX / KML...


Flickr: A Place of Our Own

by philippej (via)
GeoRSS, unique place ID, random places, kml...

More Info: KML on Google Maps - Google Maps API | Google Groupes

by hobbes
forcer le téléchargement des fichiers kml avec htaccess

GPS Visualizer

by kooolman & 9 others
Pour tous les geeks qui font joujou avec leur récepteur gps. Indispensable. GpsVisualizer formate tout type de fichier de données gps (.trk, .gpx, ...) pour Google Earth, Google Map, en image .jpg, .png,...

geobloggers » Flickr, KML, and a stroll down memory lane.

by nhoizey
Flickr va très prochainement ajouter des liens vers des flux KML pour Google Earth en plus des liens RSS, mais c'est déjà utilisable, et ça déchire, comme on dit !

Encoding polylines for Google Maps

by hobbes & 1 other (via)
If you want to display complicated path data on a Google Map, the most efficient way to do so is with an encoded polyline or polygon. * Encoding form: Convert path data to the encoded format. Can generate code or a map. * Point and click: A Google Map containing a point and click interface to the encoding algorithm. * Decoder: Decode an encoded point string to obtain a sequence of lat/lng values.

Tous les McDonald’s de Belgique sur Google Earth et dans votre GPS !

by kooolman (via)
Hors de ma vue mécréant ! Vinch a osé passé tout son samedi à encoder les données gps des 57 McDo de Belgique. Si c'est pas honteux ! Moi qui fait régime... bon, vais quand même télécharger tout ça, on ne sait jamais. :)


by nhoizey (via)
TrailRunner is a route planning software for all kinds of long distance sports like running, biking, hiking, inline-skating, skiing and more. If you ever asked yourself how long your workout routes are and what route you should choose for this evening — then TrailRunner should be your training-partner.

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