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Make Your Own Cutting Stand Page 1

by sbrothier
The first thing to do is to read through the instructions and print out the PDF diagram so you can get an idea of the parts you will be making and assembling and the materials you will need. You can click on the link above or the thumbnail below to get a full-sized printable version.

Bugei Trading Company: Tameshigiri

by sbrothier
Along with wara we are offering a cutting stand. Strongly built from Douglas fir these stands will hold your wara firmly when you are doing tameshigiri. If you wish to build your own stand we offer instructional drawings free of charge, call for information. We strongly recommend that you get proper instruction before you attempt to cut. This is a dangerous activity that takes practice and proper instruction in order to be done safely. (The price of the stand includes shipping).

ITTO RYODAN - Distributors of Tatami Omote

by sbrothier
It is of primary importance that any stand made for tameshigiri incorporates the proper dimensions and maximum stability. Further consideration can then be given to the aesthetic appeal of the stand and the design with regards to the stand's ability to be transported. Our stands have been painstakingly designed and tested to ensure that they are not only very stable but naturally beautiful as well. What's more they are easily set up or taken apart again for transport or storage. The stands are made of unfinished high quality white oak. For use they may be left as they are or they can be stained or oiled as desired. Each stand comes with 4 pine wood pegs. Stand Dimensions: Base 86 cm Height 88 cm Weight 7.7 kg Price €189,00 each

Tameshigiri Stand | -{ }-

by sbrothier
Second on the list of martial arts gear I could make now that I have a backyard: a tameshigiri stand. About as simple as the makiwara, if not more so. I started with a 3′ 4×4 post:

Tameshigiri Cutting Stand

by sbrothier
The stand in the upper left photo is a 24 inch tall Red Oak cutting stand. The stand in the middle is a 24 inch tall Brazilian Cherry stand. The two smaller stands on the right are: upper - 15.5 inch Red Oak, lower - 15.5 inch Brazilian Cherry. | Tameshigiri, Samurai Sword Cutting Mats, Samurai Sword Stands, Samurai Sword Accessories

by sbrothier
At we offer the modern swordsman everything needed to begin cutting practice or continue Tameshigiri training if you are already an experienced cutter. These stands are a great addition for your sword training and you just can't beat the price! Order today and get an receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE, by signing up on our home page to become a Samurai Supply Member!

Tameshigiri Cutting Stand - Handmade Functional Katanas - Forged Battle Ready Samurai Swords

by sbrothier
Hardwood cutting stand for Tameshigiri. Precision cut for easy assembly. Measures 37" inches overall from bottom of floor to the tip of the dowel. 26" From floor to the bass of cutting plate. The legs extend 27.5" inches wide. The dowel is 1" inch.

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