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February 2008

Keyword Research

by manmac00
Platinum keywords is a good windows tool to find what people are searching for on the net, what are the most popular keywords used on the search engines

September 2006

Some Free Keyword Research Software

by karenschrf
Keyword Research is something that I use often, and I need any resources in this field that I can get. I found some free software and I am using it…and sharing it… the research tool is a cool trick that really works for me.

Your key to a world of massive traffic.

by urbanpeter
I got a tip from a friend working in Marketing Area. He is up to date with everything new on the market and now I used this great link to a backdoor that he gave me. This tool is helping me build lists and do keyword research and I really like it!!!

Free software for Keyword Research

by frankstein
While surfing the internet for free software, I found this keyword research tool. It seems to be really cool; I didn’t use it a lot, but was easy to use, and free... Cool tip to come back and use this link whenever I need it.

Keyword Companion 2.0 is now available

by michelle2006 & 5 others
I just wanted to let you know that V2.O has been launched yesterday and for one week only it will have a promotional price. Keyword Companion is a complete keyword management tool that is simply all you need in Pay per Click advertising and not only. It does keyword research, it sorts, it cleans, it breaks down into groups, it imports into Google, it tokenizes your landing page and it does page generation too! And the level of support is really impressive.

August 2006

New official re-launch on September 5th

by gracefllw & 5 others
When you will sign up you will find a lot of great surprises. You will be kept up to date with the big re-launch on September 5th and you will also get a lot of bonuses. I just can’t wait to take advantage of the new Keyword Companion features coming up.

Free marketing e-book and a chance to win big

by KWCompanion & 3 others
The team in Romania not only built a fantastic software: Keyword Companion that I on September 5th will satisfy all keyword related needs: research, manipulation, management, PPC, but now they’re offering a free e-book ‘Keywords, conversion and continuity” AND a chance to win prizes worth thousands. They never cease to amaze me…

Keyword Companion: Keywords, Conversion and Continuity

by gracefllw & 3 others
I’m so excited by the upcoming launch of Keyword Companion V 2.0. on September 5th. These people are incredible, they’re currently offering a FREE e-book on “Keywords, Conversion and Continuity” and the chance to win free copies of Keyword Companion - a tool that is the dream of any internet marketer plus lots more!

Keyword Companion Super Contest

by dianecoll & 3 others
The Keyword Companion Team is not only offering an amazing free e-book called “Keywords, Conversion and Continuity”, but it’s also hosting a super contest for those spreading the word about this PDF with prizes worth thousands. You’ll excuse me while I go get my copy!

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