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June 2011

Kendo no kata creators | [ ]

by Takwann
In 1906 the Butokukai made its first research into making a set of standardised kata for teaching its students (standardised kata for teaching had already been made in Tokyo shihan-gakko – Takano Sasaburo‘s gogyo-no-kata – and Keishicho – keishi-ryu). 17 members were selected from various ryu-ha, and a set of 3 kata were created called the Butokukai kenjutsu kata (武徳会剣術型). The individual kata names were: TEN (天 heaven), CHI (地 earth), and JIN (人 human). For some unknown reason, the kata were not popular or were not implemented successfully, and they disappeared. The photo below was taken on the 10th of August 1906 and shows the people involved in the creation of the kata. Names are given below.

February 2011

Kendo and Kata – its relationship with Humanity and Buddhism

by Takwann
"Even if your foe is greatly evil, don't draw your sword, or let your foe draw theirs. Don't cut and don't be cut. Don't kill, and don't be killed. Help them transform into a good person. If they still won't comply, then send them to the next world."

Nihon Kendo Gata (Kata)

by Takwann
Supplied by Jumpei Matsumoto Chief National Kendo Coach From the original writing of Noboru Shigeoka Hanshi 9th Dan

April 2010

January 2010

Breathing in Kata

by Takwann
We apply different kind of breathing in kata. The other methods introduced concentrate on exhaling but this breathing concentrates on "holding the air".

Kendo Kata: General Infomation on Kata

by Takwann
So kendo kata definitely contains old style kenjutsu moves and they are different from kendo with shinai (shinai kendo). That is why we have to learn these forms. Maybe because kata does not seem very practical to many people for shinai kendo, many people see kata as something they have to do for their promotion exam (grading). But as all the high rank senseis say, it must be studied more often than it is now.

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