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Karate Thoughts Blog: Learning the System

by Takwann
The Sensei laughed hard and replied, "It is good that you have learned the kata. Please think about this. You are like a chef who has gone to the market and assembled all the ingredients for a fine meal. Now you have to go back to the kitchen and cook!"


Kanji Sudoku

by claus1960 & 1 other (via)
Portal dedicated to Sudoku with Chinese characters Kanji/Hanzi (by topics & by shape). Wide range of free Japanese language learning materials: Hiragana, Katakana & Kanji writing sheets (pdf), Kana crossword puzzles (pdf), online Kanji match games. Hiragana Sudoku with Japanese proverbs (pdf), interactive Japanese-English Kanji crossword puzzles (JLPT-L4). Download of first free (GPL) Sudoku with Chinese characters for mobile devices (M-Kanji-SuDoKu). Kanji desktop wallpaper (Martial Arts: Aikido, Judo, Karate, Kungfu, Taekwondo), eBooks (333 Kanji-in-a-Day, Kanji Sudoku, Kanji/Hanzi Tattoo Designs: 12 Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs)

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