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July 2015

Bodymovin : un plugin qui transforme vos animations After Effets en SVG + JS

by srcmax
Grâce à un plugin conçu par Hernan Torrisi nommé Bodymovin, vous allez pouvoir exporter vos animation After Effects en SVG + Javascript.


by Spone
Drag and drop so simple it hurts


by manu (via)
library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

June 2015

Page Scroll Effects | CodyHouse

by srcmax
Introducing a mini-library of experimental page scroll effects.

May 2015

April 2015


by manu
ECMAScript 6, also known as ECMAScript 2015, is the upcoming version of the ECMAScript standard. This standard is targeting ratification in June 2015. ES6 is a significant update to the language, and the first update to the language since ES5 was standardized in 2009. Implementation of these features in major JavaScript engines is underway now.


by manu (via)
Event emitter component.


by manu (via)
JavaScript library for all kinds of color manipulations

March 2015

How to work around the Mobile Safari image resource limit

by manu
Because of the memory available on an iPad or iPhone, Mobile Safari has much stricter resource limits than most desktop browsers. One of these limits is the total amount of image data that can be loaded on a single HTML page. When Mobile Safari has loaded between 8 to 10 MB of image data it will simply stop displaying any more images. It might even crash...

Babel is a JavaScript compiler.

by manu
Use next generation JavaScript, today.

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