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File I/O

by greut, 1 comment

This document describes an interface for an abstract File I/O interface where web applications can interact with a file system, without any prior knowledge about the underlying filesystem. This interface can be used for e.g. an image preview before submitting a form or for saving a drawing from a canvas painting web application locally.

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dW - Article Archive - Tweet from Opera’s Address Bar 2

by greut

A week ago I wrote about tweeting from Opera’s address bar and presented a method for doing so without aid for external scripts or services such as a method given a couple of months ago. Since then my method has made its way across the interwebs even being posted on My Opera, but there’s a better way to do it.

nice hack.

JavaScript Events - Zürich WebTuesday 9.9.08

by greut, 3 comments

JavaScript Events: What can we learn from Desktop Applications?

presentation I gave at the 9.9.08 webtuesday, everything is in the page.


XmlSerializer and JavaScript []

by greut & 1 other
var serializer = new XMLSerializer(); alert(serializer.serializeToString(request.responseXML));

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