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97 Year Old Botanical Art Maestro Chikabo Kumada interview

by 4004
PingMag MAKE - The Japan-based interview magazine about “Making things”

November 2008

Hibachi - Wikipedia

by 4004
traditional Japanese heating device

October 2008

Vintage Japanese movie-monster anatomical illustrations

by 4004 & 1 other
Modern Fred's scans of vintage Japanese movie-monster posters include some spectacular pieces, none moreso than the anatomical cutaways of Godzilla, Gamera and co. // kaiju eiga - a set on Flickr


by 4004
"This 120-year-old “minka” (a Japanese private house) in Shiga Prefecture not far from Kyoto was renovated inside in 2007. Architect Chikara Ono of Sinato in Tokyo has performed a brilliant facelift inside the old house by placing a huge white table with the size of 6 tatami mats (107 square feet) as a hub of the owner’s day to day life."

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