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January 2005

Dan Gillmor: Newspapers: Open Your Archives

by ramage
why pay-per-view archives should be a thing of the past

John Palfrey: Post Web Cred Thoughts

by tsalon
How do we create organizations that help to organize people around tasks -- to improve upon the news, to make it available to as many people as possible?

December 2004

November 2004

阿孝札記: 《生命力》重新創刊 探索公共新聞學

by tsalon
on the concepts of public journalism or civic journalism

October 2004


by tsalon
a collection of policy ideas and general thoughts on the Wikinews project

What is a alternative media? - a wikipedia teach-in

by tsalon
Content production and marketing tactics, Writing style and editorial policy, Capability of production and networking, etc


by tsalon

September 2004

Public Opinion - Our Social Skin - The spiral of silence

by tsalon
Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann's website in English

Spiral of silence - definition from Wikipedia

by tsalon
As the media's coverage of the majority opinion becomes the status quo, the minority becomes less likely to speak out. Conversely, as one feels their position gaining popularity, they become more and more likely to speak about it.