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28 August 2006

27 August 2006

20 August 2006

苦勞網/ Coolloud

by KarlMarx & 1 other (via)
An information center for all kinds of progressive movements in Taiwan.

14 August 2006

Interactive Narratives

by jlesage & 4 others
contemporary interactive image-audio sites, many from the news or cultural venues like concerts or museums

10 August 2006

08 August 2006

Docu-Blog/Steve's POV: J School Dean takes on Bloggers. Why?

by HK
Nick Leamon - the Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism - came out swinging with a barbed criticism of Bloggers in the New Yorker last week titled "Journalism without Journalists."

05 August 2006

02 August 2006

Blog: "A l'heure américaine"

by EditingPlus & 6 others
french blog by a Liberation journalist in usa.


by EditingPlus
conception design et redesign de presse, magazine, magasin, revue, revista, journalism, journalisme, conception éditoriale, editorial, editing

25 July 2006

The IFC Blog

by jlesage
IFC has a blog as well as schedule on its site. Links point to other bloggers who describe indies you might like to add to your NetFlicks list.

by jlesage
contains seventy film reviews by important reviewer


by jlesage
Ed Halter's reviews of avant-garde film, often for the Village Voice, and his observations on the experimental film world

24 July 2006


by owukori
sponsors = osi and ford foundation plus various others in Canada and Europe

CPJ Press Freedom Online

by owukori
pro us sponsored org similar to RSF definately not independent

22 July 2006

Pew Internet - Bloggers Report, July 19 '06

by jlesage
Most bloggers are diarists and do not consider themselves reporting on news, politics, etc.; pdf file of complete report available here

The blog of MariaPia

by chickenfire
Blog by a swiss journalist living in New-York, USA.

20 July 2006

BBC Cumbria - Digital Lives

by jlesage
important video autobiography project for UK television

16 July 2006 :: FRONTPAGE (xhtml)

by jlesage & 2 others
a newspaper and tv film reviewer with consistently good writing over many years