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No More Marriages!: Welcome To The Film Criticism Blog-a-Thon!

by jlesage
Andy Hobal's film blog runs a carnival on film criticism; the film bloggers run many blogathons and garner good accumulated comments Technology, blogs, the Internet and the media, from the Online News Association

by jlesage & 3 others
a news site about cyberjournalism, with many resources, such as roundup links to most cyberjournalist sites; a phenomenon being embraced by many news organizations themselves

Poynter Online - Writing Tools

by jlesage
50 writing tools, a quick list; we can all benefit from these

Open Source Radio Show

by jlesage
"Every time we have an idea for an hour of radio we post it to the site." Via blog viewers help build shows which air after research.

Video Journal ::

by jlesage
Colin Mulvany makes audio/slideshows of daily life in Spokane; textured soundscapes and good interpersonal photographic style characterize his work.

The IFC Blog

by jlesage
IFC has a blog as well as schedule on its site. Links point to other bloggers who describe indies you might like to add to your NetFlicks list.

Pew Internet - Bloggers Report, July 19 '06

by jlesage
Most bloggers are diarists and do not consider themselves reporting on news, politics, etc.; pdf file of complete report available here

Indústrias Culturais

by antoniomokarzel
Pesquisas e leituras no domínio das indústrias culturais (imprensa, rádio, televisão, internet, cinema, vídeo, videojogos, música, livros e centros comerciais).

SullyWatch on those cartoons

by mikepower
This was clearly done to bait the European Muslim community. If you take the right, take the responsibility.

Best of Both Worlds

by mikepower
We're still short of any definitive opinion on the row, not helped by the fact that the debate has descended into chronic whataboutery. But there are a few issues that will be ripe for analysis when things settle down...


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