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July 2009

February 2009

Uchidachi & Shidachi

by Takwann (via)
The following text has as its core a translation of a chapter in Nishioka Tsuneo's book Budo-teki na Mono no Kangaekata: Shu, Ha, Ri (Budo Way of Thinking: Shu, Ha, Ri). Direct translations from the Japanese are frequently problematic because of the ambiguity inherent in the traditional Japanese style of essay writing. In order to clarify the author's ideas and best present his thoughts in English, we have supplemented the original text with a series of personal conversations.[1] The result thus intentionally suggests the flavor of teachings passed down from master to disciple.

January 2009

YouTube - Jodo Jojutsu 1/5

by Takwann
Jodo Jojutsu Zen Nihon Renmei Shinto Muso Ryu

December 2008

The Evolution of Classical Jojutsu

by Takwann
by Dave Lowry When one considers it is really only a short, round stick of wood, it is even more intriguing to ponder what an elemental gap the hardwood jo has filled in the history and evolution of the martial disciplines of Japan.

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