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18 February 2006

11 February 2006 » Blog Archive » Top 10 Casual Games Portals

by bcpbcp
If I was to put a short list of the top 10 by volume (not performance) I would say 1) RealArcade (Gamehouse) 2) Yahoo Games 3) Oberon Network : Pogo, AOL (non exclusive), MSN, Xbox Life, and so on 4) Zylom 5) Shockwave 6) BigFish Games 7) Boonty Games 8) TryMedia (Because of AOL) 9) Reflexive Network 10) Gamefiesta, Arcadetown, Iwin, Wild Tangent

05 February 2006 » Blog Archive » Conversion Rate Inversely Related To Download Rate

by bcpbcp
Your gross profits (excluding development costs) are roughly: # of downloads TIMES conversion rate TIMES revenue per sale

John Cook's Venture Blog - A moment with David Roberts of PopCap Games

by bcpbcp (via)
At 44 years old, PopCap Games Chief Executive David Roberts likes to joke that he is "the adult supervision" at the Seattle computer game maker.

29 January 2006

A Shareware Life

by bcpbcp (via)
Rants about shareware marketing, the life of a shareware author, and everything els

Make It Big In Games

by bcpbcp (via)
"Jeff Tunnell and I've been "making it big" in the game business for a LONG time. MBG let's you learn, for free, the lessons I paid a high price for."

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