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October 2013

September 2013

IDATE : Game Summit Conference

by moby
conférence sur les jeux video aux jounées de l'IDATE montpellier

The Scarecrow

by gregg
Join Chipotle and the Scarecrow on a journey to bring real food back to the people. Play the game, watch the animated short film, and find out how to take action.

Parcs de loisir

by Rafting
Parcs de loisir

August 2013

Arimaa - Intuitively simple ... intellectually challenging

by NiMe
Un jeu de stratégie ayant l'air bien sympathique

July 2013

Data Dealer: Privacy? Screw that. Turn the tables!

by gregg
A game about collecting and selling personal data

Satirical PRISM-Inspired Game Lets You 'Play God' With Personal Data [VIDEO]

by gregg
What if you had control over millions of Internet users' personal data? Players of a new game called Data Dealer can experience that first-hand by running their own "Smoogle" and "Tracebook," while collecting and selling user data.

June 2013

Social Roulette

by gregg
Social Roulette has a 1 in 6 chance of deleting your account. What are you afraid of?

May 2013

April 2013

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