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June 2013

February 2013

ToME : Tales of Maj'Eyal -

by NiMe
ToME 4 est un jeu d'aventure au tour par tour, pouvant être assimilé à un rogue-like, teinté d'ambiances de jeux de rôles et axé sur la résolution de quêtes et la progression de son personnage

October 2012

September 2012

August 2012

A Song of Ice and Fire - Speculative world map

by NiMe & 2 others
The most detailed map of the Game of Thrones world yet This fan scoured the pages of Martin's books and looked at both canon and non-canon maps to try to create as accurate a picture of Westeros and beyond as he could. Since a few regions haven't been quite laid out in the books, he took some educated guesses, but the result is this gorgeous speculative map. You can see the entire — enormous — map at his site, as well natural and canon-only maps.

July 2012

June 2012

Barbarians of Lemuria - 1KM1KT

by NiMe
Barbarians of Lemuria et autres Jdrs


by NiMe
Jdr basé sur le BRP de Chaosium