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insites/cookieconsent: A free solution to the EU Cookie Law

by Krome
Cookie Consent is a lightweight JavaScript plugin for alerting users about the use of cookies on your website.

January 2017

Vuex - Centralized State Management for Vue.js.

by dzc
Vuex is a state management pattern + library for Vue.js applications. It serves as a centralized store for all the components in an application, with rules ensuring that the state can only be mutated in a predictable fashion.

GitHub krausest/js-framework-benchmark

by dzc
This is a simple benchmark for several javascript frameworks. The benchmarks creates a large table with randomized entries and measures the time for various operations.

Van11y - collection de scripts javascript accessibles, codés en ES2015

by dzc
Van11y (pour « Vanilla-Accessibility ») est une collection de scripts accessibles d’éléments d’interfaces riches, construits en amélioration progressive et personnalisables.

You Don't Need the DOM Ready Event

by dzc & 1 other
It usually takes a long time for the DOM ready event to fire. During this time, many parts of a webpage are inactive as they wait for Javascript to kick in and initialize them. This delay is significant and makes a rich web application become available slower. Creates a bad user experience, doesn't adhere to any design pattern and is, really, not needed...

mxGraph - JavaScript diagramming library

by dzc
mxGraph is a fully client side JavaScript diagramming library that uses SVG and HTML for rendering. It

December 2016

November 2016

mapbox/pixelmatch: The smallest, simplest and fastest JavaScript pixel-level image comparison library

by Krome
The smallest, simplest and fastest JavaScript pixel-level image comparison library

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