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October 2004

Ruby niceties... in JavaScript

by michelv
Enumerate, and other goodies now available to your imagination

The Man in Blue > Writing > Perspective Archives

by kemar
Accessible JavaScript tip #43: onchange select menu


by roberto & 3 others
JavaScript meta-API.


by roberto
Filter out double click in HTML forms.


by kemar
Working with XML and JavaScript

September 2004


by François Hodierne & 5 others
This basic wiki is made in JS and PHP. It uses JavaScript and DHTML functions like XMLHTTPRequest and InnerHTML.

XPath in JavaScript

by roberto
Must try this someday. - Séparer le comportement de la structure.

by parmentierf & 1 other
A propos de l'utilisation du JavaScript comme des CSS (à l'extérieur, et le moins visible possible à l'intérieur)

August 2004


by kemar & 3 others
simple, nice, powerful, cross-browser mechanism to drastically reduce the size of your web pages