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December 2005

Particletree · Quick Guide to Prototype

by fredbird & 27 others
JavaScript’s increasing popularity throughout the web makes it more important than ever to make sure our client side code is implemented with a nice mix of stability, speed, and reusability. One of the best ways for accomplishing this is to use a simple library and syntax to use as a foundation for every project. Thankfully, Sam Stephenson created an amazing library of functions that we can rely on called Prototype.js to ease our JavaScript development practices.

June 2005

wg:Javascript: what's next?

by fredbird & 4 others
Content, structure and presentation are now precisely defined, but I believe that the behaviour layer is too tight for javascript, javascript is not only about events, and separation is not good for the evolution of javascript. Modern javascript is in fact breaking the layer-model we thought was correct. I believe it’s perfectly logical to have presentational javascript which can go throughout structure and presentation.

May 2005

January 2005

PHP On The Fly

by fredbird & 1 other
using javascript new httpRequest to execute real-time php scripts serverside

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