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May 2007

svg2vml - Google Code

by Xavier Lacot
SVG2VML is a lightweight JavaScript library that makes it easy to include vector graphics in web pages by providing a common SVG-style programming interface to VML and SVG. This project is a work in progress, and suggestions and contributions are welcome.

April 2007

PlotKit - Javascript Chart Plotting | liquidx

by camel & 18 others (via)
PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript. It has support for HTML Canvas and also SVG via Adobe SVG Viewer and native browser support.

February 2007 | Plotr

by parmentierf & 3 others
Some time ago I was looking for a charting framework for Prototype and I couldn’t find it, just because there’s none. So that’s where it all started. I came across PlotKit, a well written piece of javascript that enables developers to use Canvas or SVG elements for rendering bar, line and pie charts. The only thing was that PlotKit needed the Mochikit library to work. So I took some parts of PlotKit and wrote some parts myself. The result is a lightweight charting framework (12kb!) named Plotr. It’s released under the BSD license.

January 2007

Countries of The World

by parmentierf (via)
Un jeu pour retrouver les pays du monde. Fait en SVG/Javascript

Welcome To CodeDread 1.1

by parmentierf & 3 others (via)
This JavaScript file allows you to enable SVG entities to be draggable via the mouse. Instructions are included in the top of the library file.

FooPlot: Online graphing calculator and plotter

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
FooPlot is a vector graphics and Javascript-based function plotter. It uses SVG for the browsers that can handle it, and supports IE's native VML as well. Current functionality includes 2-D function plotting as well as a 3-D plotting demo (for Firefox and Opera). Planned features include connectivity to Google spreadsheets, curve fitting, and other types of plots. Graphing a function has never been this easy - you just have to type or any other function you wish! No more fudging around with a complicated graphing calculator program!

December 2006

November 2006

Opera Developer Community

by parmentierf & 7 others (via)
Dev Opera is a community resource site where developers can share tips, tricks, extensions and more.

Vectoreal :: SmilScript

by parmentierf & 3 others (via)
SmilScript is a library intended for use by authors or publishers of SVG documents. SVG uses an extended subset of SMIL to achieve declarative (element-based, non-scripted) user interaction and animation events. This library is not intended to be used outside the context of SVG and its limited subset of SMIL, so it probabaly isn't appropriate for other SMIL content. It also will not work for Firefox builds that do not include the native SVG viewer (version 1.5 or later).

cube animatiom

by Zizwar & 2 others
cnvs svg analmitation javascript

October 2006

Javascript SVG et DOM

by -Nicolas- & 4 others (via)
Javascript, SVG et DOM. Mettre un script dans un fichier SVG

SVG-Whiz! Home

by parmentierf
The intent of SVG-Whiz! is to promote the use of SVG, to provide examples of how to do tasks in SVG, to provide tools for authoring SVG, and to talk about experiments and proposals with SVG. SVG-Whiz! is also the name of one of my tools, a graphical WYSIWYG browser-based SVG editor, written in SVG and ECMAScript, and which can be found in the Tools section. > Dojo Toolkit v0.4 Graphics and Charting APIs Built on SVG

by parmentierf
The popular Dojo JavaScript toolkit recently was upgraded to version 0.4. Among new features, such as new accessibility packages and new and improved widgets, this Dojo release introduces the new dojo.gfx APIs which allow for rich graphics creation using a rendering back-end provided by either SVG, in browsers with native support of SVG (Firefox, Opera, etc.), or VML, in Internet Explorer which does not yet support SVG natively. Another new feature of Dojo is its charting engine, which also makes use of SVG for rendering.

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