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by Monique

The goal of this project is to rely on declarative W3C standards (namely, SMIL Timing and SMIL Timesheets) to synchronize HTML content. These demos rely purely on our Timesheet Scheduler: 100% declarative and standard-based, no specific JavaScript code is used.


HTML Timing

by Spone (via)
A declarative approach for HTML Timing using SMIL/Timesheets



Something Witty Goes Here

by parmentierf (via)
The FakeSmile script has come a long way since David released it a few months ago. It implements a decent amount of SMIL and SMIL Timesheets so that you can actually use these technologies now while the browser vendors catch up. David has also recently included a full version of jQuery inside the FakeSmile script, so it’s beefed up with lots of power now. I think he will probably be releasing minimized/compressed versions eventually.


Vectoreal :: SmilScript

by talou & 3 others
Arg j'ai tout pété les captures de pages avec ce post /o désolé Znarf !

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