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January 2008

December 2007

AppJet: Instant Web Programming

by mauriz & 3 others
AppJet is the easiest way to create a web app. Just type some code into a box, and we'll host your app on our servers.

Programming CouchDB with Javascript - plok

by greut & 1 other

To illustrate how easy and straightforward writing applications for CouchDB is, we are going to build a simple todo-list application in Javascript.

for my next hour of free time.

November 2007

October 2007

September 2007

Functional Javascript

by greut & 2 others

Functional is a library for functional programming in JavaScript.

tools to do map/reduce on spidermonkey maybe... » Code » JavaScript Programming Patterns

by greut
from old-school to lazyness, time to relearn JavaScript ?