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Building a custom HTML5 video player with CSS3 and jQuery - Opera Developer Community

by Xavier Lacot
An Opera article, which explains how to build a simple HTML5 video player in a couple of minutes


Hallvord R. M. Steen - Most expensive javascript ever?

by Xavier Lacot
The most expensive javascrit line ever : the story of "if (is.opera) window.location.href="config/error.htm";"


by Xavier Lacot
The announcement of Carakan, Opera's new ECMAScript Engine, using register-based bytecode instruction set. The first benchmarks show that Carakan is about two and a half times faster at the SunSpider benchmark than the ECMAScript engine in Presto 2.2 from Opera 10 Alpha.

Opera web standards curriculum: JavaScript in town! - By Opera's Developer Relations Team

by xibe

The JavaScript articles you will read within do not come close to being a complete treatment of the topic; rather, they are intended to provide enough information to give readers a gentle ride towards getting comfortable enough with JavaScript to work with it in confidence, write simple scripts, debug code, and build a stable base from which to work towards more complicated techniques and specialisations.


File I/O

by greut, 1 comment

This document describes an interface for an abstract File I/O interface where web applications can interact with a file system, without any prior knowledge about the underlying filesystem. This interface can be used for e.g. an image preview before submitting a form or for saving a drawing from a canvas painting web application locally.

open the web

dW - Article Archive - Tweet from Opera’s Address Bar 2

by greut

A week ago I wrote about tweeting from Opera’s address bar and presented a method for doing so without aid for external scripts or services such as a method given a couple of months ago. Since then my method has made its way across the interwebs even being posted on My Opera, but there’s a better way to do it.

nice hack.

JavaScript Events - Zürich WebTuesday 9.9.08

by greut, 3 comments

JavaScript Events: What can we learn from Desktop Applications?

presentation I gave at the 9.9.08 webtuesday, everything is in the page.

Algorithm Ink | Aza Raskin

by Xavier Lacot
Algorithm Ink is a port and extension of Context Free by Aza Raskin. The original grammar was originally conceived of by Chris Coyne. Algorithm Ink uses open-web, standards-based tools: no plugins required. You can even right-click to save the drawings. The caveat is that Firefox 3, and Opera 9.5 are the only browsers to fully support Canvas, so it may run slower on Safari, and not at all in Internet Explorer.

"View Selection Source" for the Opera browser

by oqdbpo
View Selection Source — simple JavaScript bookmarklet (favelet) or an User JavaScript which allows you to see HTML source of any part of page, it's very useful for web developers. You probably know it from Firefox.


Ext JS - JavaScript Library

by parmentierf & 23 others
Build rich web applications that work across all major web browsers including: * Internet Explorer 6 * FireFox 1.5 (PC, Mac, *nix) * Safari 2 * Opera 9 (Mac, PC)

Creating web sites for the Wii Opera browser

by kunix & 4 others (via)
Creating web sites for the Wii Opera browser

Prototype Window Class : Introduction

by parmentierf & 19 others (via)
This javascript class allows you to add window in a HTML page. This class is based on Prototype. The code is inspired by the powerful library. You can even use all effects to show and hide windows if you include effects.js file , but it's not mandatory. It has been tested on Safari, Camino, Firefox and IE6, Opera looks fine.


XmlSerializer and JavaScript []

by François Hodierne & 1 other
var serializer = new XMLSerializer(); alert(serializer.serializeToString(request.responseXML));

Web Browser Standards Support

by clochix & 1 other
This document will summarize the level of support for web standards and maturing technologies in popular web browsers. It covers the Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera web browsers, with focus on the HTML, CSS, DOM, and ECMAScript technologies.

Browser JavaScript in Opera

by François Hodierne (via)
"Opera monkeypatches some sites, and auto-updates the patches once a week."

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