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jQuery - jQAPI - Alternative jQuery Documentation Browser

by decembre & 2 others
This is a alternative interface to browse the Official jQuery Documentation that can be found on GitHub . The aim of this project is to get out of the way of your development work. Quickly switch to this docs and find what you are looking for.



by piouPiouM & 2 others
Polymaps is a free JavaScript library for making dynamic, interactive maps in modern web browsers.

Smokescreen |

by simon_bricolo & 3 others
Smokescreen, a Flash player in Javascript: reads binary swf and turns it into SVG. Works on iPhone and iPad


Detect Mobile Browser - Open source mobile phone detection |

by simon_bricolo & 1 other
open source project for easily understanding whether a visitor of a website is using a mobile browser or not. It provides codes in several scripting languages (PHP,Rails, ASP, JSP, Coldfusion, .htaccess & JavaScript) that can detect the browser.

VIDEO - FLASH - jQuery - Flowplayer - Flash Video Player for the Web - OpenSource

by decembre
Flowplayer is an Open Source (GPL 3) video player for the Web. Use it to embed video streams into your web pages. Built for site owners, developers, hobbyists, businesses and serious programmers. Flash technology ensures that 98% of all Internet users can see your videos

by greut

The Burst Engine is an OpenSource vector animation engine for the HTML5 Canvas Element. Burst provides similar web functionality to Flash and contains a layer based animation system like After Effects. Burst uses a very light-weight JavaScript frame, meaning your animations will download unnoticably quick and can be controlled using very simple JavaScript methods. For example: the [-] logo above is a Burst animation attached to a mouseOver event using the following code...

canvas is the next Flash or not

Flowplayer - Flash Video Player for the Web

by Xavier Lacot
A sexy video player solution under GPL license. Provides javascript-flash binding, CSS animation, and several streaming plugins.


Taffy DB : A JavaScript database for your browser

by loneseb & 2 others
Taffy DB is a free and opensource JavaScript library that acts as thin data layer inside Web 2.0 and Ajax applications.

PlotKit - Javascript Chart Plotting | liquidx

by ogrisel & 18 others
PlotKit is a Chart and Graph Plotting Library for Javascript. It has support for HTML Canvas and also SVG via Adobe SVG Viewer and native browser support.

by sunny & 4 others
" is netvibes' website dedicated to its Open Source projects. By giving away our technology, we hope to foster innovations in the widget and personal-page space, and launch a discussion about their wide implementation."

Ayman Hourieh's Blog

by springnet
thoughts on Open Source software, Computer Science, and various bits from my life and the web.


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