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by astrochoupe
Règles de développement de Google : HTML, CSS, Javascript, C...



A HTTP Proxy Server in 20 Lines of node.js Code - good coders code, great reuse

by ghis (via)
This is just amazing. In 20 lines of node.js code and 10 minutes of time I was able to write a HTTP proxy. And it scales well, too. It's not a blocking HTTP proxy, it's event driven and asynchronous, meaning hundreds of people can use simultaneously and it will work well.



Debug toolbar

by astrochoupe & 7 others
Une barre d'outils pour débuguer les sites web dans IE (équivalent de Firebug de Firefox)

Google Code Blog: How we improved performance on Google Code

by nhoizey
If you're a frequent visitor to for product updates and reference materials for Google APIs you're working with, you might have noticed that the page loading time (or page rendering time depending on how you see it) has reduced in varying

Improve website load time by 500% with 3 lines of code |

by camel & 2 others (via)
There are 4 relatively easy ways by which you can speed up the time it takes a browser to download a page: * Make fewer HTTP requests * Add a far-future expires header * Gzip your page's components * Minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML Following on from my post on joining CSS and JavaScript files, I have written a PHP script which will automatically do all of the above.


Ext FileTree Widget Example by Saki

by camel & 2 others
FileTreePanel is client-server application where client (browser) provides the user interface (UI) which displays the tree and context menu, handles drag & drop operations, etc. The filesystem that is displayed and managed by the UI is stored on a server. Therefore, we need some communication layer between client and server. Client sends a command to server, server processes this command and responds with a result. Client in turn processes the response and display results. All this communication is running in the background by Ajax (XMLHttpRequest) calls. The XMLHttpRequest is not used directly but the Ext JS - JavaScript Library ajax layer is used for this purpose. Client requests data from server with standard POST method and server is expected to respond with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) string and appropriate HTTP headers.

Delayed HTTP overhead

by greut (via)
loading images with JavaScript after the page is actually shown.


Christophe Porteneuve (INSIA) : "Le couple JavaScript/Ajax est une alternative souvent viable à ActionScript"

by astrochoupe & 3 others
Réflexion sur le Web2. Avec plein de liens vers des outils et du code existants. Les bonnes pratiques pour coder sur le Web Le secret, c'est d'adopter une approche "progressive enhancement" [ndlr amélioration progressive], comme l'appelle Jeremy Keith, en gros, du bottom-up [ndlr de bas en haut] : on commence par une page XHTML Strict sémantique sans aucun style, histoire d'assurer un bon contenu et une bonne accessibilité sans CSS, ou avec des lecteurs d'écran, etc. On ajoute les styles correctement. On gère toute l'interaction client/serveur sans aucun AJAX. On ajoute le JS en "unobstrusive" [ndlr non obstrusif]... Et enfin, on redirige les envois GET/POST usuels vers de l'AJAX quand c'est pertinent, toujours en "unobstrusive". Mon bouquin parle longuement de toutes ces pratiques, dans les chapitres idoines (2 pour JS, 3 pour les événements et le DOM, 6/7 pour AJAX, les effets visuels, le glisser/déplacer, l'ergonomie, etc)..

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