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UI Sortable: Layout Demo

by nhoizey
VoilĂ  enfin un drag & drop de portlets qui fonctionne bien avec jQuery UI !


Drag and drop

by Simay & 6 others
Here's a simple accessible drag and drop script. It works with both mouse and keyboard.


Are we qualified to call ourselves Web 2.0 experts? // Mike Johnston // MikeJSolutions

by nhoizey
we pioneered "drag n' drop" using asynchronous Javascript [AJAX] via a web browser in 1999 (Soholaunch). This is not new technology, as some would lead you to believe. It has simply been embraced by the standards community and is referred to by a cool new acronym

Interface elements for jQuery - About Interface

by nhoizey & 19 others
Interface is a collection of plugins for jQuery java script library. With this plugins you can build Web 2.0 aplications with the same same simplicty as using jQuery and provide a rich user interface.


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