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by sbrothier
chroma.js is a tiny JavaScript library (12kB) for dealing with colors!

Vibrant.js - Extract prominent colors from an image.

by sbrothier
Extract prominent colors from an image. Vibrant.js is a javascript port of the awesome Palette class in the Android support library.



by sbrothier
Waveform.js makes drawing SoundCloud waveforms simple and lets you style and color them the way you want it. It comes as a small JavaScript library and is using a lightweight service hosted on that translates the waveform images provided by SoundCloud into floating points.


javascript - canvas clearrect, with alpha - Stack Overflow

by sbrothier
So I know that context.clearRect makes pixels transparent, but I'm wondering, is there a function to make pixels translucent?

javascript - Replace a specific color by another in an image/sprite in a HTML5 canvas - Stack Overflow

by sbrothier
but some of the parts of the image are specifically #ff0000 and I would like to be able to replace it by some other color, a custom user defined color.


Colors.js - JavaScript Color Library

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Colors aims to be an easy to use color manipulation library that is lightweight and very functional. Check out the to do list to see what's in store for the future..


Color Thief

by sbrothier & 5 others (via)
A script for grabbing the dominant color or color palette from an image. Uses Javascript and the canvas tag to make it happen.


Color Thief

by Spone & 5 others
A script for grabbing the dominant color or color palette from an image. Uses Javascript and the canvas tag to make it happen.

Flexi Color Picker - a pure JavaScript color picker

by eledo34
Flexi: Un color picker Javascript léger et personnalisable:


Pixastic: Documentation

by sbrothier & 1 other
Below is a short explanation of how the Pixastic library works and how to use it. There are also pages with details on the individual actions and effects available through Pixastic. These pages also feature small live demos where you can see the library in action.

Using Canvas To Turn Image Into Grayscale

by sbrothier & 1 other
HTML 5 introduces Canvas object which can be used to draw and manipulate images. In this example, I used a Canvas to turn an image into grayscale. If your browser supports Canvas, you should see two images above: the normal image and the grayscale one. The grayscale one is not a separate image, it is generated by utilizing Canvas.



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