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December 2005

Jesse's Bookmarklets Site

by quepol & 45 others
bookmarklets galore -- link-related, webdev, excellent resource

November 2005

JS/UIX - Terminal

by Riduidel & 7 others
Est-ce que ça sert vraiment à quelque chose ? Peut-être bien ...

October 2005

Text and Data Bookmarklets

by kgl & 1 other
好用的bookmarklets 網頁瀏覽小工具

September 2005


by Riduidel
IE7 loads and parses all style sheets into a form that Explorer can understand. You can then use most CSS2/CSS3 selectors without having to resort to CSS hacks. The lightweight script is a single-line inclusion in your HTML/XML document. No alteratio

August 2005

July 2005

Get Turnabout :: Reify Turnabout

by svartling & 3 others (via)
Turnabout is an Internet Explorer plugin that changes the websites you visit to make them easier to use and to add features.

June 2005

Ajax Experimentations: Filebrowser

by bader (via)
Ajax experimentars in the field of web file browsers

Platypus, Mozilla Firefox Plugin

by sunny & 22 others, 1 comment
Plugin qui permet grâce à GreaseMonkey de supprimer, déplacer, changer le style, insérer son code sur n'importe quelle page. Du web actif !

March 2005

Zoommap is a php4, Javascript1.2 component that allow you to see big pictures in your browser

by camel
Zoommap is a php4, Javascript1.2 component that allow you to see big pictures in your browser (test with IE4,5,5.5,6 and Netscape 4.7, 6 under Windows and Linux).


by camel
JavaScript : This is the larger part of my former JavaScript Section. It contains more than 60 JavaScript pages that explain useful scripts or other functionality. W3C DOM : This section contains all my W3C DOM scripts and the great compatibility tables. CSS : This section contains all my CSS test pages. They mostly treat CSS2, but I snuck some 1 and 3 in. It is not a complete overview of CSS, and I'm not planning to make it one either. The first thing you see is a compatibility table. Viewport : This section will eventually contain my research into the viewport and its relations to the HTML/CSS and the JavaScript document. For now it only contains a few tests and the inevitable compatibility table. Browsers : Ubiquitous browsers, extremely obscure browsers, and everything in between.

February 2005

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